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Jens candy jar cover article

Jen’s Candy Jar

Jen’s Candy Jar is a unique collection of recipes that celebrates the comeback of the artisanal candy-making tradition and embraces its author’s distinctive taste in sweets. Artisanal candy-maker and author Jen Laskey has honed in on her 10 favorite confections and given them a distinctly epicurean upgrade. This 78-page, richly-photographed eBook provides easy-to-follow step-by-step recipe instructions, candy-making tool and tip suggestions, as well as guidance on how to vary the base recipes with extracts, herbs, botanicals, nuts, seeds, spices, and spirits, to create your own unique confections.

Nbc girl scout cookies article

Girl Scout Cookies, Ranked From Better to Worst - NBC News

We're in the thick of Girl Scout cookie season and the boxes are rolling in. Are you looking at the nutrition labels and having buyer's remorse? Well, don't panic! Girl Scout cookies are treats; they're not meant to be healthy staples in your diet. Find out what three nutrition experts have to say about which ones are better for you and which are the worst....

Eh 12 one minute tricks article

12 One-Minute Tricks That'll Boost Your Health in 2017

There’s no time like the New Year to jump into action and recommit to better health. But leading a healthy lifestyle isn’t just a matter of making big, sweeping resolutions at the beginning of the year to eat better, exercise more, or lose weight. It’s really about the little things we do and the choices we make every day that help us develop healthier habits, and that ultimately lead to better overall health....

Eh weight loss trends article

8 Weight-Loss Trends to Try and 4 to Skip in 2017

Eating healthier, exercising, and losing weight are among the most popular New Year’s resolutions, so there’s always plenty of hype around diet and fitness fads in January. Some of these weight-loss trends will give you the tools you need to tackle those extra holiday pounds and get your body back into shape, while others are unsustainable, or worse, just plain unhealthy....

Eh crohns a to z article

Crohn's Vocabulary: The A to Z of Understanding Crohn's | Everyday Health

When you start researching your Crohn’s diagnosis, it may suddenly feel like you need to learn a whole new language. But don’t worry — this guide will help you learn all the new words to add to your vocabulary....

Eh hypothyroidism habits to avoid article

6 Habits to Avoid If You Have Hypothyroidism | Everyday Health

Some habits can help manage hypothyroidism, but others can make symptoms worse. Find out what to avoid if you have an underactive thyroid....

Eh crohns worms article

Would You Swallow a Worm to Treat Crohn's? | Everyday Health

Studies are investigating the potential benefits of helminthic therapy for people with Crohn’s disease. Would you consider a treatment that involved parasitic worms?

Toh meal planning article
healthy cooking magazine

14 Easy Ways to Begin Meal Planning This Weekend | Taste of Home

Taking time over the weekend to plan meals, shop, prep ingredients and cook ahead can make your upcoming week a lot easier. Plus, meal planning and cooking at home gives you more control over ingredients and portion sizes than you get when grabbing takeout....

Eh hypothyroidism stress relief tips article

6 Stress-Relief Tips for Hypothyroidism | Everyday ...

Stress and hypothyroidism can cause many similar symptoms, such as changes in mood, weight gain, and fatigue. Learn more about what you can do to ease stress and better manage your condition....

Saveur totc article

SAVEUR Live at Tales of the Cocktail

Last night, New Orleans nightlife was catapulted into another universe with an epic Tales of the Cocktail party hosted by William Grant & Sons. The theme? 2084: Welcome to Yonderyear, where anything is possible. "We wanted to dive into the unknown, and give everyone a chance to see how we would envision the future, before it even happened," said Charlotte Voisey, the company's portfolio brand ambassador. The grounds of the National WWII Museum were transformed into a landscape of futuristic wonderland-themed pop-up bars manned by bartenders clad in costumes that ran the gamut from retro-futurist go-go chic to post-apocalyptic dystopian desert dwellers....

Saveur lally and dottie brennan article

At Home with the Brennans

New Orleans institution Commander’s Palace, now run by cousins Lally Brennan and Ti Adelaide Martin, was built in 1880 by Emile Commander. Brennan and Martin like to say that while they hold the keys to Commander’s Palace, the landmark restaurant really belongs to New Orleans. Similarly, the family home next door, which was also built in the 1800s, is occupied by two of the original proprietors of Commander’s: sisters Dottie and Ella (Ti’s mother) Brennan. But the house, they say, belongs to the whole family....

Living and eating in queens   in search of taste article

Living - and Eating - in Queens, New York - In Search of Taste

For years, even Manhattanites refused to cross the East River into Brooklyn or Queens, so you certainly wouldn’t have found either of these subordinate New York City boroughs making their way onto tourist itineraries either. But the tables are turning—quite literally....

Eh shave calories article

7 Simple Ways to Shave Calories This Winter

A nutritionist shares seven secrets (and recipes!) that'll lighten up your favorite comfort foods this winter....

Eh crohns quiz article

How Much Do You Know About Crohn's Disease? | Everyday Health

Do you know that Crohn’s is more common in urban areas than rural ones, that it affects more people in the North than the South, and that you’re more likely to develop Crohn’s if someone in your family has it? Take this quick quiz to find out how much you really know about Crohn's disease...

7224 l article

Piedmont, Italy: Foodie's One-Day Tasting Tour

Piedmont is a paradise for culinary hedonists with fine wines, iconic white truffles, mountain cheeses, and mouthwatering cuisine. It may seem like a lot to pack in, but we've crafted a one-day tasting tour....