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Expertise in food, wine/spirits, lifestyle, health and wellness. If you find a discontinued link in the portfolio, email me to request the complete article at: jen.a.laskey[at]gmail[dot]com

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Living and eating in queens   in search of taste article

Living - and Eating - in Queens, New York - In Search of Taste

For years, even Manhattanites refused to cross the East River into Brooklyn or Queens, so you certainly wouldn’t have found either of these subordinate New York City boroughs making their way onto tourist itineraries either. But the tables are turning—quite literally....

Isot jcj article

Found - In Search of Taste

Artisanal candy-maker and author Jen Laskey has selected her 10 favorite confections and given them a distinctly epicurean upgrade. Her eBook provides ......

Dsc7799 500x332 article

The Magazine - In Search of Taste

Welcome to a new independent genre of personally informed writing on food and wine...