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Saveur totc article

SAVEUR Live at Tales of the Cocktail

Last night, New Orleans nightlife was catapulted into another universe with an epic Tales of the Cocktail party hosted by William Grant & Sons. The theme? 2084: Welcome to Yonderyear, where anything is possible. "We wanted to dive into the unknown, and give everyone a chance to see how we would envision the future, before it even happened," said Charlotte Voisey, the company's portfolio brand ambassador. The grounds of the National WWII Museum were transformed into a landscape of futuristic wonderland-themed pop-up bars manned by bartenders clad in costumes that ran the gamut from retro-futurist go-go chic to post-apocalyptic dystopian desert dwellers....

Saveur lally and dottie brennan article

At Home with the Brennans

New Orleans institution Commander’s Palace, now run by cousins Lally Brennan and Ti Adelaide Martin, was built in 1880 by Emile Commander. Brennan and Martin like to say that while they hold the keys to Commander’s Palace, the landmark restaurant really belongs to New Orleans. Similarly, the family home next door, which was also built in the 1800s, is occupied by two of the original proprietors of Commander’s: sisters Dottie and Ella (Ti’s mother) Brennan. But the house, they say, belongs to the whole family....

Saveur tariq hanna article

At Home with Tariq Hanna

Pastry chef Tariq Hanna has called New Orleans home for 9 years. The executive pastry chef and co-owner of the Sucré mini empire, which includes three “sweet boutiques” and the Salon by Sucré tea room, restaurant, and lounge, lives with his wife, Jennifer, and three French bulldogs in a raised Creole cottage in East Riverside. It was the old commercial 8-burner stove that immediately drew Hanna to the house, but its history was also a big selling point for him and Jennifer—it was the first residence built in the neighborhood, erected in the 1830s for the caretaker of the Delachaise sugarcane plantation. Fitting, that a house built on sugar should now be occupied by an award-winning pastry chef and master confectioner. After the caretaker, the house stayed in one family for the next hundred years. “The house is officially haunted,” says Tariq....